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There has been many different communities online. There are communities that are forums that permit users to post new content or ideas onto topics that are being discussed. Then there are blog forums and many of these are closed blogs that only share the content being posted from its author, and then there are anonumous or basic chat services that permit users to chat and interact with temporary accounts. The goal of Vale Conga is to bring an account to users that they can customise and share content with members each day by providing a service that is quite easy to use and more secure. The chat service is instant chat which allows users to communicate more easily. The profile pages allow users to share some details about them and upload a picture to share with users. The account includes features to share pictures from URL or uploaded to their account. The video service allows for sharing videos from URL or upload to their account. Vale Conga has provided memory increase for storage of files and content to 100mb and greater. Vale Conga is updated each day with interactive compliant material and users can manage their accounts easily and the site has technical support, administrative support and has a privacy policy to inform users on how their experience can be great with Vale Conga. The site is committed to a reliable and fun community where users can communicate and share content with users and invite new users to join and not have all the stresses of community sites that do not have the model of quality and reliable services with Vale Conga. Which makes the site one of the few sites to have features for almost any age and students and children can enjoy this service with parental permission and review of the terms of service and privacy policy on this site. The site has updated features which make the experience pleasant on almost any browser, user interface, operating system and portable communication device. Vale Conga is a community that works to make communication easy all around the planet and there isn't any fees to join and it is easy to join and users can be using Vale Conga within a few minutes. Hopefully the site becomes your future for communications. Thanks the Administrator.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Kyle_Oleynik/2639401
Tech Support Message: Members can upload their videos on youtube and share the url on the site. Pictures can also be added by url and placed on galleries and profile pages. This method can be done if the pictures and videos do not process on the account.

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Definition: Of, containing, or resembling calcium carbonate.
Synonyms: chalky

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a knee-slapper

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National Cowboy Poetry Gathering

The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering is a celebration of the old tradition of cowboy poetry in the buckaroo town of Elko, Nevada. The gathering, which began in 1985 with about 50 working cowboys, has become a six-day affair in the last week of January that now includes folk music concerts, western dances, exhibits of cowboy gear, and workshops not only on writing but also on such topics as horse-hair braiding and photography. Poetry remains the heart of the festival, and the poets—all working ranch people—include men, women, and children. More...

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If you can get nothing better out of the world, get a good dinner out of it, at least.
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church key - Started out as slang for bottle opener in the early 1950s and was considered mildly shocking, even sacrilegious. More...

flagrant, blatant - Flagrant implies shocking and reprehensible, while blatant is obvious, contrived, and usually obnoxious; flagrant is a stronger term than blatant. More...

forbysen, bysen - Forbysen is an "example or parable"; bysen is a "shocking thing." More...

tingle - From Middle English, possibly a variant of tinkle, its original meaning was "response to a loud noise" and "response to hearing something shocking." More...

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